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How and When to Use Discount Codes

Discount codes can be a very useful method to attract new and old customers. However, it’s important to ensure discounting fits into your overall brand strategy. Competing to become the “low-price” leader can have a disastrous effect on your business if you’re not careful. Sometimes, it’s wiser to forget lowering prices and better to focus your energy and time in providing outstanding service and a unique product experience. In any case, running an online business is all about experimenting and finding out what works best for your brand. This article discusses some of the methods you can use discount codes...


5 Ways to Make Your First Online Sale

1 Be Accessible on Mobile Devices To gain a competitive edge and be accessible by customers on their device(s), regardless of what they use, ensure your online shop is mobile friendly. Work with the eCommerce Malaysia team on your online presence features. Design your website with a responsive theme so that it displays properly on a PC, tablet, and mobile. Check to see if product images zoom in and pop out nicely. Test on different browsers. If your mobile presence is optimized well, you will end up raking in more sales for simply being convenient to visitors and returning customers. 2...