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8 Steps to Build a Winning Business Idea

According to statistics and research data, about 50% of small businessesfail within the first five years. What can be done to keep your company from failing? The answer lies in making sure you have a viable business idea that’s well positioned to succeed. Here are eight steps to take to drive a business idea to success: 1. Begin for the right reasons. Strange as it sounds, but there are plenty of wrong reasons for wanting to start a business — maybe you dislike responsibility, or have problems working for a higher authority, or just want an excuse to take naps...


How and When to Use Discount Codes

Discount codes can be a very useful method to attract new and old customers. However, it’s important to ensure discounting fits into your overall brand strategy. Competing to become the “low-price” leader can have a disastrous effect on your business if you’re not careful. Sometimes, it’s wiser to forget lowering prices and better to focus your energy and time in providing outstanding service and a unique product experience. In any case, running an online business is all about experimenting and finding out what works best for your brand. This article discusses some of the methods you can use discount codes...


No Idea What to Sell? Here are 5!

Today, people are starting their own businesses, and for good reasons. On average, many can expect to have two, three or more jobs during their career lifetime. Those leaving one job often think about their second or third job move being nearer their own home. People who have been part of the 8-5 and are on the verge of retiring are thinking of what to do next. Starting a homebased business is possible for almost anyone who wants to take the risk and work hard. Having an online shop is also the way to go as you can make money...