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How to Stay Motivated in Your Business

Long after the excitement of starting a business is gone and you are immersed in the day-to-day challenges of being an entrepreneur, it is easy to lose the motivation to keep pushing yourself. Running your own business has its benefits, but it is a constant grind and you need to keep reminding yourself why you decided to take the path of an entrepreneur. Here are three ways to stay motivated, regardless of the size of your business. 1. Remind yourself of your desire to achieve. The number-one strength of a successful business owner is perseverance. When I asked around to...


5 Reminders for Entrepreneurs to Live By

In essence, entrepreneurship allows you to do work that is satisfying and empowering, while providing the flexibility and freedom to follow your own dreams. Many entrepreneurs start a business to be their own boss and for potentially making unlimited income. However, what is it that stops them from taking the plunge? Sometimes, a comfortable life is itself a deterrent. Climbing the corporate ladder, a good enough salary, a family: these things often already build a comfort zone and takes up much commitment. But there’s no magic formula for business success, of course. Leaving your stable 9-5 job and changing your...